– 192.168.O.1 Admin Login Guide

There are many different ways to find username and password of your Router Login. Are facing problem while signing in to your DLink or NetGear or TP Link router? Today here in this tutorial of Tricks Craft we are going to show you how to Login to, we will also show you how you can setup your 192.168.1 router from scratch.

So basically this guide is for those who have forget their Router Username and password, it is also for those users who are new these things and want to setup their Dlink or TPLink or NetGear or anyother WiFi Router. We will teach you how to do it from scratch. – Router Login Address

In order to access IP Address, you will need two things, the very first thing is username/login and second thing is password. We have seen many number of people posting this same thing on official forums of NetGear, DLink and other routers but they can’t find any proper word to word solution for that. – Router Login Address

19216801 IP address is an address which is used to manage you whole local area network. When you will login in to this address, it will open Router settings page where you can enable and disable anything you want. You can restrict users, you can limit your Internet access, you can provide tight security to your Router so that outside people won’t be able to access it. In this setting page, you can do anything like assigning a limited number of range so that only 10 users can connect to your Router, for example: If you want only 10 people to connect your router then you will keep this IP Range settings where you have to set to, Now only 1o users can connect to your router.

When you will type this URL http // in your Web browser, at that time you are sending a request to the router to access the settings page (where you can do changes with your SSID and other things), it will give you input box where you have to enter your 192.168.1 router credentials. These things are like the more you play, the more better you become in such stuff, at first it will look a bit difficult, but once you are aware about the technical stuff, you can alter your WiFi router in no time. Basically there are four classes of IP, and that are Class A,B,C,D. Class A,B and C are currently being used worldwide and Class D will be use in near future.

How to Login to Router  – Quick Guide

So here I assume that you have bought a new WiFi Router and you are unable to alter any changes with your WiFi Router.

  • The first thing I would like to say here is connect your WiFi Router with your PC or Laptop using Ethernet Cable. One end of Ethernet cable to you Laptop or PC and another end of your Ethernet cable to WLAN Port of your WiFi Router.
  • Once they are connected, you have to insert the power plug and turn it on. Now wait for few seconds.
  • After few seconds, open up you web browser and there you have to type this address IP Address and press enter button right from your keyboard.
  • It will ask you Login and Password, all you have to do is try these login and password as shown below

Username: admin

Password: admin or Admin or password IP Address Login

  • If it is showing you wrong credentials then I assume that you or someone(maybe your siblings or parents) have changed the credentials.
  • Now in order to access it, you have to reset all the things, and in order to reset your Router, all you need to do press the Reset button of your Router for few seconds.
  • You will find Reset Button right on back side of your Router, you will need a needle or pin to press it.Reset Router
  • Press and Hold the button for few seconds and it will reset it automatically, make sure you router is turned on at that time.
  • Now again try to access the same IP Address from your Web Browser and try the credentials which I have mentioned above and this time I’m quite sure that it will work.

So this was all about How to login to Router. Playing with these various brand router is really awesome, every company has their own new way and functionality of providing security. If you guys are facing any problem while following this guide then you can let us know in comment section below and we will help you out.

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