Best Alarm Clock Apps

Waking in the morning is such a hectic process for the people who are not an early riser. You get late for college, office, appointments and even for a road trip. You keep the alarm once, and you don’t get up, then, again and again, the process is repeated, and you get late for the work you are going for. This problem is very common and most of us go through this problem but now you don’t have to worry at all because the smart phone is the key to your rising problem. There are thousands of app in the play store, and from them, we have selected some of the Best Alarm Clock App for you so that now you can sleep and wake up with peace.

Best Alarm Clock App

There is one inbuilt Alarm in your device of what so ever phone you are using, but sometimes you have this bad habit of closing the alarm and sleeping again. Happens with you right! to get away with this problem, we have listed some of the best android alarm clock which will not only wake you up but will also save your precious time. There are so many apps made only for the lazy peeps like us and if you are one like me, have a look into this Best Alarm Clock App.

1. Alarmy – Best Android Alarm Clock App

Alarmy - Best Alarm Clock App

You will laugh when you will read the description, that this alarm app works on the basic principle that if you want to wake up, somebody irritates the. In normal alarm, you close the alarm and sleep for hours, but in alarms, the alarm does not stop until you don’t fix the puzzle given by the system. There are so many levels to the puzzle so that if you are so stubborn, you can keep the high difficulty, so you wake up and use the mind to solve it. There are are other amazing feature also like news, weather, and horoscope to give you the best start in the morning time.

2.  I Can’t Wake Up

I Can't Wake Up - Best Android Alarm Clock App

There are eight different task you have to go through in the process of turning off the alarm so you are like the polar bear and it is hard for you to wake up before the sun this app is best android alarm clock you will ever have in your phone. There are lots of things like maths puzzle, memory games, shake and match and what now! The idea behind the app is that the maker of the app is well aware about the human mind that if people will be engrossed to such things they will not think about sleeping after turning off the alarm. It is totally free and has an amazing set of games to make your mind awake.

3.  Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Android Alarm Clock App


The best part about this Puzzle alarm is that it will ask you to give a proof that you are awake after 5 minutes of dismissing the main alarm so that you cannot cheat with this Best Alarm Clock App. It has so many puzzles and other games to wake up your sleepy brain. There are four different challenges to wake you up and give you the major goals for a day. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require more space in your phone. Never underestimate the app because it has some really tough games so you cannot fool the alarm and the best part is, it is free, free, free!!!

4. Sleep as Android

Best Alarm Clock Apps

Sleep as Android is the alarm which tracks your sleeping pattern and wakes you on that time which is correct and also you get the optimal sleep. To activate sleep tracking the thing you can do is to turn on the sleep mode and and place the phone in the mattress you are sleeping in. Here also there are a certain task that you can set with the help of setting option. It can be geared up with many devices at a time.

5. AMdroid Alarm Clock

Amdroid - Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android OS

AMdroid is another free app which gives you prime facilities of multiple alarms, gentle wake up tones, themes, settings and many other features to make your morning good. On public holidays the alarm will only sneeze.It comes with the location awareness so that it does not buzz on restaurant or office or in a meeting. It has some of the pre-alarm so that if you are lazy, then it can give you really start up for the day. Again useful and Best Alarm Clock App.

6. Snap Me Up

Best Alarm Clock Apps

One of the most stylish and well design Alarm clock with selfie feature is snap me up. It is android alarms for the selfie lovers. The concept of the app is that the alarm will only get dismiss if you will click a snap of yours. A snap must be with perfect lighting and stuff so that you wake up after dismissing the alarm. You can also share this woke up moments with your friends. It has a colorful interface with an option of dream diary where you can write down the dreams you see at night. If you also have a problem with sleep, then you can use the option help me to sleep where the app will provide you with some of the most soothing sounds.

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If you don’t live with parents or your mom is out of the city then these Best Alarm Clock App are only specialized for you which will give you the best morning vibes plus you will get a quick start for the day. For more tech related education visit us on

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