Best Hookup Apps for Android and iOS

Today’s culture is all about moving fast. Everything has to be done quickly, or else it becomes a burden. We, millennials, want everything as soon as possible. And, to top that there is an increase of loneliness too. Things seem too messy, but we make it through anyway. Be it our time-consuming work lives, barely-there social interactions, and dangling self-esteems. We find it so hard to make friends, let alone date someone but all of that is about to change because I have just the thing for you if you wish to hook up with someone.

Best Hookup Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of one of best hook up apps you can use on your Android and iOS devices anytime anywhere. They are free as well as paid based on subscriptions.

Best Hookup Apps for Android and iOS

But, before we get to that, let me tell you that there is a difference between dating and hooking up. Dating is when you take time to get to know the person, you go on dates, spend time with the person and choose if you like the person or not. Whereas, hooking up is cutting down all of those steps and heading straight to getting physical and the sorts. It is somewhat unconventional but what seems to be odd now becomes the “normal” later on.

So, without causing any delay, let us address the topic, 10 best hookup apps for Android and iOS.


The first app that I have for you is called Badoo. This one independently has around 370 million users ranging from 190 countries. The app has grown immensely. Be it for Android or for iPhone; you will find so many features in it. Once you download the Badoo app, you will have to make a profile which will serve as an initial introduction to other users. You can add an introduction, your photo, videos, etc. You will have the same procedure of swiping people in this app. This concept was popularized by tinder. The most interesting part is that Badoo which stands first in the list of 10 best hookup apps for Android and iOS, you get premium security. The makers have worked hard to stop people from cat-fishing you.

Badoo Best Hookup Apps for Android and iOS

The next app that we have in the list of 10 best hookup apps you can use on your Android and iOS device is Bumble. The matching process of this app is just like any others. The twist comes in with the fact that women have to be the first one to initiate a chat. Only she can message first. She will be given 24 hours to do that. The man will have to respond within 24 hours too. When it about a homosexual match, then either one would be free to send the message first. Even though the app has many issues with it and they are still working their way around the bugs, the app seems to be doing fine. You can give it a try if you want.

Bumble Hookup Apps for Android and iOS
Clover Dating App

You can even try Clover Dating app when it comes to best hookup apps. Also though it is traditionally a dating app, people have tried their hands here too. When you make a profile here, you will see that you will be able to set a date, join mixers, find events of your choice. Moreover, if you are no longer interested in dating or hooking up, then you can even interact with your friends too. This app is a new thing, but it is already getting positive reviews.

Clover Hookup Apps for Android
Coffee Meets Bagel

When we talk about 10 best hookup apps for Android and iOS, then we should mention Coffee meets Bagel. This app is already growing in number. What this app does is that it lets men make a list of women in their area around noon. The female users using this app will receive the list, but it will be a prioritized list of men who have shown interest in them. And, the best part is that it is LGBTQ friendly too.

Coffee Meets Bagel Hookup app

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Final Words

That’s it, these were one of the best hookup apps for Android and iOS you will find on the Internet. We have personally used every app and based on that reviewed it. If you have any suggestions for then please let us know in comment section below