Best Text Editors for Mac

Hello, reader, how are you? I have been good too. Just caught up with a bit of thinking. I was enjoying my Sunday when a thought struck me. I thought there are things in this world that we don’t know and they still exist. Our acknowledgment of those things doesn’t matter even a bit. And, I think that is alright because those things are better without our awareness. But this does not necessarily apply to everything. We ought to know the subjects that we ought to know. Like, for example, best text editors for Mac.

If you don’t know which ones constitute the best, then we are merely letting an opportunity go to waste. But, don’t worry. I won’t let that happen. I am here for you, and I have curated a list of best text editors for mac that would help you during the process.

It is said that a good text editor is one of the most important things that you will need to know on a Mac.

Best Text Editors for Mac

There are free text editors, and then there are paid ones. Just so you don’t get confused and save up time, I have made a list for you that carries the best text editors for Mac. Here is the list that would help you with it.

Sublime Text 3

Did you know that Sublime Text is one of the most famous text editors that are available for Mac? This one has so many features that you will wonder where to start. The editor has syntax highlighting, folding, an excellent level of customizability. The tool comes with an interface which is easy to navigate and user-friendly. You get multiple selections, powerful API and a package ecosystem.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Filled with many features
  • There are many customization options
  • You get the ability to assign custom keyboard shortcuts
  • You will find the editor to be fast and smooth


  • It is considerably pricey
  • And, there are some plugins that would affect the performance


The next one in the list of best text editors for mac is Atom which is a replacement for Sublime Text. The best part is that it is free. Atom is an open source software that is both modern and approachable. The tool is built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even Node.js integration. It would be wise to tell you that it runs on Electron. Even though the software is rich as it is, you as a user can install thousands of open-source packages to get new features and functionality.


  • It is an open source
  • Free of cost
  • Comes with a nice UI
  • Filled with features
  • Many packages available for it
  • And, customization options


  • There are chances that a lot of packages could slow down the editor
  • The software could also be a resource hog


You can even try Brackets when it comes to best text editors for Mac. It is a free text editor for macOS 20.14 which is also an open source and is managed by Adobe Systems. The most exciting feature about this software is that it comes with a beautiful interface. Do you ask what’s more? Well, you can grab fonts, measurements, gradients from a PSD file into a CSS which is clean and ready for use.


  • The software comes with extensive support that will contain a vast and ever-growing library
  • It has inline editors and previews


  • Brackets is comparatively slow
  • The updater comes with problems
  • It does not have a specific elementary text editor command


It turns out that Bare Bones developed TextWrangler, and this software ranks among the best because it is a lightweight version of BBEdit, and is embedded with features that help one carry out hardcore operations in specific columns in a CSV.


  • The software offers a basic text editing with manipulations
  • This one is a free and the ideal alternative of BBEdit
  • You will see that it comes with an inbuilt FTP or STFP browser
  • Robust and fast to startup


  • The sad part is that it isn’t maintained anymore
  • Let us head to the rest of the editors that make the list of best text editors for Mac

The next one on the list is,


When it comes to best text editors for Mac, then you should know that UltraEdit is a versatile text editor as it supports tons of different languages such a C, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and many more. You can rely on it because it has been in the market for the past 25 years. It gives you theme support, support for large files (>4GB), syntax highlighting for many languages. What’s more is that it also offers multi-section capabilities, robust search, an integrated FTP and an Apple retina display.


  • It supports many languages
  • The software can handle large files in a significant manner
  • Reliable and regularly updates
  • Fast
  • User-friendly


  • It is indeed pricey
  • You will be able to enjoy some of the features only if you purchase separately

Coda 2

The last one in the list of best text editors for mac is Coda 2. This another hardcore text editor that is specifically designed for web developers. It has features like project-wide autocomplete, syntax highlighting for so many languages, code folding, find and replace. You can also find indentation guides, automatic tag closing, and even fast commenting. By now, it must be clear that this tool is rich with features that would suit your fancy.


  • It has a great search feature
  • You can access and edit files remotely
  • And, is specifically designed for web developers


  • It lacks some features when compared to others, even though it seems so rich
  • And, it is pricey

So, here are the best text editors for mac that you can try. Thank you for reading.

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