How to Change Hotmail Password

Users are highly recommended to change their login password every 3 months to keep their account safe. Changing your password is as easy as Resetting password and can be done in a few easy steps. It is very easy to Change Hotmail Password in 2018. If you have forgotten your account password then there is a quick guide to reset password. Hotmail Accounts are managed by Microsoft. You can also use Microsoft Cloud Storage, Skydrive using Hotmail Account. If you are using Smartphone or Desktop, you can easily change Hotmail Password.

Change Hotmail Password

While setting your new password, you can tick in “Make me change my password every 72 days” (See above image for the assistance). What this does is, it will remind you to change your Outlook Password after the mentioned days. As changing your password frequently can help you secure your account.
If you are changing your password for the first time, you will get the notice that says, as you change your account password, your Skype and Hotmail account will merge.

For the better security of your account, you can enable two-step login verification. Once you enable this service, it will require both password and security code to access your account.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Hotmail Account Password

Step 1: First, log in to your Hotmail account.

Step 2: Now, at the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see your profile image. Click on that.

Step 3: Click on View Account.

Step 4: Here, in your account page, click on Change Password.

Step 5: If you are changing your password first time, you need to verify your identity with security code. So, enter your alternate email address or your mobile number to get the security code.

Step 6: Enter the code and click on next.

Step 7: For the ease of access, check the frequently access this device.

Step 8: Now, you’ll be redirected to the new page where the need to enter your current password and new desired password respectively.

Step 9: Click on Next.


Changing the outlook password is an easy thing to do and is highly recommended to change it every 3 months. It will help you to secure your account. Always choose the strong password to secure your account. Most of the users choose the hardest password to make the account secure but tends to forget it. Therefore, it is recommended to insert symbols like @#$%, numbers, uppercase and lowercase in your password. Combine these all elements in your password to make it super strong. Enable two step login factor for the super security of your account.

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