How to Delete Kik Account Within Few Minutes

Are you tired of using KiK messenger? Deleting Kik messenger account is actually a huge step and if you do so, you wont be able to receive any messages from your friends and family who are using KiK messengers. Also all your messages will be automatically deleted if you are going to deactivate your account permanently. There can be many reason why you want to delete Kik account and in this tutorial of TricksCraft we are going to show you can deactivate Kik account easily within few minutes.

So before starting, let me explain you few things about KiK account. You can temporarily deactivate your account as well as you can also deactivate kik account permanently. In this tutorial we are going to show both the methods on how to delete kik account, so lets start

How to Delete KiK Account

So as I said earlier, there are two methods, if you want to deactivate your Kik account temporarily then you can do it and you can activate it again anytime you want, but if you want to delete your kik account permanently then there is no coming back.

How to Delete KiK Account Temporarily

Before deleting your account, first you have to verify your email address and then you can proceed further.

Open KiK Messenge from your smart phone.

Now tap on settings symbol as show in below image.

delete kik account

It will open Settings window, there you tap on Your Account and it will show your details

how to delete kik account

Now tap on your Username

how do i delete my kik account

Do save your username in a file, if you want to delete your account permanently, it will ask us later steps for some formalities. Also review your email address, make sure you have mentioned there correct email id as show in below image.

verify email kik account

Once email is reviewed, open your browser and type this URL: from your smart phone or laptop and type in your email in and then click on GO.

delete kik account permanently

Now login to your email and you will receive an Email from official Kik website regarding account deactivation. Just open that email and click on Deactivate as show in this image.

deactivate kik

So finally your Kik account is temporarily deactivated, now you won’t receive any kind of messages from your friends and family. No one will be able to text you on Kik, no one will be able to add you on Kik account. So this was how to delete your kik account, you can re activate it anytime you want.

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How to Delete KiK Account Permanently

So in this method, we are going to show you how you can delete your account permanently, and you won’t able to activate it back, all your data, messages and other files will be delete permanently from your account. Inshort your account will be deleted permanently.

Open you web browser and type in this URL

It will ask you your Username, Email and reason for deactivating your Kik account, enter all the details and click on GO.

how to permanently delete kik account

Now again it will send you one email from Kik official website where you have to confirm that are you sure you want to permanently delete your kik account because you won’t be able to no longer access your account anytime in future.

Open your email and click on that email and click on Permanently Deactivate and your account will be deactivated permanently.

permanently deactivate kik account

So finally its done, you have deleted your kik account permanently, Now you wont have anymore access to your account, all your data, messages and media files will be deleted permanently, no one will be able to contact via Kik, you won’t be able to receive any messages via Kik.

This was all about how to delete kik account, Thank you for reading this, if you guys have any doubts in this tutorial, you can ask us in comment below and we will try our best to help you guys