How to Fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped

You want to download some new games and applications on your Android device and when you launch Google Play Store from your Android device, it starts showing errors like Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped, there are many reason why Play Store application is showing you such error maybe because  your Android Memory is full or something has malfunctioned with the application, there can be many reasons which is preventing Play Store to run and in the end your Android phone shows you a pop up to Force Close the application. So basically in this tutorial of Tricks Craft we are going to show you how you can fix Google Play Services Has stopped problem within few minutes.

What is Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped Error?

Google Play Services Has stopped

Well you don’t have to worry about this error, this kind of errors are quite common these days, this might happen to you because you have not updated your Google Play app and the current version is not compatible with your Android device and this is why it is showing such kind of error, We have explain below everything in detail on How you can solve this error, just follow our guide and it will fixed within in few minutes.

How to Fix Google Play Services Has stopped

In this tutorial we have written few methods which can help you solve your Google Play Services problem, All you need to do is, follow the steps below, so lets start and dig into more details about Google Play Services.

Method 1: Try to Clear Cache in Order to Solve Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

  • Unlock your Android Smart phone, Go to Menu and Open Settings.
  • Now scroll down to Apps and Tap on it.
  • Now again scroll down and find Google Play Services, tap on that and it will show you application details.
  • Tap on Storage and then Tap on Clear Cache
  • Tap on Manage Space and there you have to Clear All Data as shown in this image below.

Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped

Once you clear Everything, Restart your Andriod mobile and it try to launch the Google Play Application.

Method 2: Manually Download Google Play Store APK from APK Release Website

The above method didn’t worked? Google play store has stopped and you want to solve it? Try this second method. Here in this method we are going to download Google Play store from third party website which is APK Release Website, don’t worry whenever developers release any update for any application in playstore, they also upload it on APK Release site.

  1. First you have to delete the current Google Play Store application and then open browser in your Android phone and visit APK Release official website.
  2. There you have to search for Google Play Store latest version APK fileGoogle Play Services Has stopped
  3. Download it and install in your device.
  4. We hope this time it will work for sure, still if this doesn’t work, we have one more method for you will definitely work.

Method 3: Try Uninstall All the Updates in your Android Phone

Sometimes, there can be error with your current version of Play Store, the main reason behind that can be, your phone doesn’t support the latest version of Google Play Store and that why this application crashes every time you launch it. So here in this method we are going to Update our phone to latest version of Android

  1. Unlock you Android Smart phone and Open Menu, from there Tap on Settings.
  2. As soon as Settings opens up, scroll down and find Security and tap on it.
  3. Tap on ‘Phone Administrator’ or ‘Device Administrator’ – Depends on Android device.
  4. Next you have to tap on Android Device Manager.
  5. Now a new page will open up and on this page you have to tap on play store has stopped
  6. Now go back to Settings.
  7. Scroll Down too Apps and inside there scroll down and find Google Play Services.
  8. There you have to tap on three dotted menu button which is on the top right.
  9. Tap on Uninstall Updates.
  10. Tap on Ok and its done.

This was all about How to Fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped Problem in Android we have written 3 methods, on of them will work for you and that is for sure because we have personally tested all these 3 methods in our Android device. If you guys have any problem regarding this tutorial, you can ask us your queries in comments section below and we will surely help you out to get rid of this annoying problem.

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