How to Update Graphics Driver Windows 10/8/7

Windows 10 release updates regularly and due to that graphics card companies like Nvidia and AMD also have to release the update which is compatible with the latest Windows, and if we don’t our programs might crashes, and they’ll stop working. These things directly affect High-end Gamers, Developers, Graphics Designers because its Development and Design is their daily job and if something goes wrong they’ll be in a big mess, and that is the main reason behind why we should always update our Graphics Driver. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to update graphics driver Windows 10 which you have to follow regularly in order to update your drivers.

It also affects gamers indirectly who are working reviewing games and other applications. When brands like Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Unity releases any new games, the graphics card driver companies also have release a compatible driver update which can easily handle up these games and we don’t update them then it will create problems like lags, no proper optimization, less frame rate per second, etc.

How to Update Graphics Driver Windows 10/8/7

In this article We’re going to show you some methods from which we can update our graphics driver regularly when we want. so lets start

Method 1: Update your Graphics Driver Manually Using Device Manager

  • Right click on Computer and click on Manage

  • From left sidebar, click on Device Manager

  • After clicking on Device Manger, it will open a small list of all devices connected to your system, from there you have to navigate to Display Adapters as shown in below image, click on Display Adapters and it will show you graphics card connected to your system.

  • Now just right click on Graphics Drivers and click on Update Drivers Software, do the same thing for all.

  • When you will click on Update Driver Software it will give you two options that are Search Automatically for updated driver software and Browser my computer for driver software, You have to click on Search Automatically for update driver software.

How to Update Graphics Driver Windows 10

  • Now it will start searching for the new drivers if the developers has released any new one, once the search is done, it will start downloading it automatically.

how to update video drivers windows 10

  • As soon as the download completes, it will also install the respective drivers automatically and you will be informed

how to update graphics driver windows 10

  • Once this thing is done, you have to restart your system in order to see the changes.

This is how you can update video drivers windows 10 manually, We are going to show more methods on How to Update Graphics Driver Windows 10  below

Method 2: Updating Graphics Driver in Windows using Nvidia GeForce Software

Another way of manually updating your graphics driver, before we start, all you need is a stable Internet connection to search and download those updates easily.

  • Boot your windows, now if you have Nvidia graphics card then Nvidia Geforce software will be already installed in your system.
  • Now launch your Nvidia GeForce Software, you have to go the system tray and right click on it and click on Check for Updates as shown in image below.

Check for Windows update

  • When you will click on Check for Updates, it will start searching for respective updates for your graphics card, and so soon as it finds any update, it will give a small notification regarding graphics driver update available.

Check for Windows update

  • Click on that notification and it will give you all the details regarding that update, you have to click on download and wait for it, once the download completes it will automatically install it in your system.

graphics card update windows 10

  • When download completes, you have to restart your system and you will feel the changes done in your system, You will see all your programs will run smoothly without lagging, all your software will properly optimized.