How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10

Slow internet is a very frustrating thing that we experience while browsing the web. Lots of Windows users have complained about Slow Internet after installing a new Windows update. So today we are here to guide you, how you can Increase Download Speed in Windows 10. First of all, note that Download Speed is not dependent on your RAM and HDD.

To improve the Internet download speed, you could always find a lot of good ways online. Watching TV shows on the internet can be far more convenient than watching them when they’re originally broadcast. Today you can easily download stuff online. Internet Download Manager is a task management tool which makes it simpler to download numerous files at a time The tool can boost download speeds up to five times.

Increase Download Speed in Windows 10

Internet Download Manager can resolve all the important issues related to Windows registry which results in fewer system crashes. Try to remember, your computer may probably run software which is not needed all of the moment. The computers weren’t on the web or a LAN. You will likely be prompted to restart the computer, and following you do, you should begin to see substantially faster transfer speeds!

Increase Download Speed

Increase Download Speed

Internet Download Manager will surely boost the direction you download files, let that be regarding speed or stability. If you’re downloading multiple files simultaneously then you may give highest bandwidth priority to the torrent file that you wish to download faster.

Method 1: Clear Temporary Files

Step 1: Open Run with Win + R on Windows and then type “%temp%” and press Enter.

Step 2: Delete all the files using CTRL + A and delete.

Step 3: Reboot PC.

Method 2: NetBooster

There are some NetBooster available that you can use to enhanced network speed, which means that you may appreciate less buffering delays and increased bit resolution in online streaming and TCP-bound gaming.

Method 3: Turn off Background apps

Background Apps will consume more and more data of your Internet. So it is recommended to turn off all the unwanted Apps. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open settings using Win + I.

Step 2 – Click on privacy.

Step 3 – Now, from the left panel, choose background apps.

Step 4 – Turn off Background apps.

Method 4: Change DNS settings

Go to Control panel > Network and Sharing > Adapter settings from the left > Right click on Local Area Connection or Wifi Adapter.

Choose Properties > Scroll down and select IPV4 > Properties > enter these DNS.

For using Google DNS, Type:

For using OpenDNS, Type:

Method 5: Disable the Windows update service

Step 1 – Open Windows Settings using Win + I and then type services.

Step 2 -Now, in the services manager, find windows update and then right click on it. Select Stop.

Reboot PC.

Thats’t it for now. Hope your Speed is not increased. For more tricks and Tips, comment below.

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