Linksys Router Setup (How to setup a Linksys router)

Congratulations, you got your router and now you know what it looks like. It has two ports on the back side and I will provide a little explanation of what they are to you. You can use these ports to connect Router with your computer and you may also use it wirelessly as it is a wireless router. If you have bought a new Router then you have to Setup it. So here is a Linksys Router Setup Guide. You can also use the same guide for any Router including NetGear, ASUS, D-Link, and TPLink. So follow these steps to secure your Router and Set a new password.

Linksys Router Setup Guide

Physical setup and connection: Connect the power adapter to the router and supply power by plugging it into a wall socket. Then take an Ethernet cable and attach it to your router and modem.

Then take another cable and connect it to your computer and router. We recommend making a hardwired connection for the setup. After a successful installation, you can use the wireless connection.

Clone MAC address: Media Access Control address is required while performing a cable connection. To establish a connection and identify your computer, MAC address is necessary. Use the MAC cloning tool to find you’re or copy your MAC address. Start the process by opening a web browser and entering the default IP address for your Linksys router model.

The Default IP Address will be: or

Enter the default login details of your router and click on login button. Enter the MAC clone address under the setup tab. save the settings after it takes your computer’s MAC address.

SSID settings: It is recommended to change the wireless network name and disable the broadcast of it to avoid the connection of unwelcomed people. Go to the wireless settings and change the network name and click on the radio button to disable the broadcast and then save the settings.

Security settings: Go the security settings and change the encryption type to WEP and also change the password. Make a strong password by adding numbers, symbols, and letters. After doing all this, save the settings.

After this your router setup is complete. Open a website of your choice to check the internet connection. If you are doing so wirelessly then disconnect the Ethernet cable and go to network. A list of available network is shown. Connect to your Linksys router’s network and then check the internet connection by visiting a website.

List of common issues that you may encounter with your Linksys router

  • A user is not able to access the web interface of its Linksys router.
  • An error message is displayed while you try to access the Linksys router login page.
  • Intermittent wireless connection or dropping the connection.
  • The download and upload speed are slower than usual.
  • Wi-Fi network is not shown in the list of available networks.
  • A user has forgotten the wireless settings of its Linksys router.
  • Connected to Linksys router but there is no internet connection.
  • Router stopped working after a certain time period.

Are you frustrated with finding solutions to these problems related to your Linksys router? Do not worry when we are here to help you. We have a dedicated team of technicians who is capable of solving all types of Linksys issues. You can leave a question in the live chat window provided and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

To solve your Linksys issue, one thing you can try to resolve all your issues is to reset your router.

How to reset a Linksys router?

Every Router has a physical Reset Button that you can use to Reset it. Follow these steps to Reset a Router in 2019.

Find the reset button present at the back of your Linksys router. It is a small hole at the back. Take a paper clip as the hole is too small and hold the same for 30 seconds. Release the hole after 30 seconds and start your router once again and try to access a website and check the internet connection. If you are still not able to connect to the internet, take our help as we can resolve your issue. Our technician will help you in solving the issue.

Next thing you can check for a stable connection is your router must have updated firmware. Check the latest firmware section by logging into your Linksys router and if available then update the firmware immediately. These two things, resetting the router and firmware updation resolve many issues related to Linksys router. For any other query related to Linksys router setup, feel free to leave a message.

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