How to Recover Router Password

The IP address is used for many reasons. IP Address is the address of the specific website. Each and every website on the Internet has unique IP Address but with DNS, that IP Address is converted into names that we can remember. But in case of Router, we don’t need DNS. So we have to remember the IP Address. The default IP Addresses are and If you don’t know Router Password then here is how to Recover Router Password in 2019.

Essentially the IP address is important to access any Router but you also need username and password. This username and password are unique for every router. The IP address is a Private IP address and used for Routers and modems.

If you have forgotten your router login details or you are not aware of default username and password then this guide is for you. In this article, we are going to share How to Recover Router Password with IP Address.

Recover Router Password

Make sure that the password is strong. If you forget username and password, then there’s just one choice that’s to reset the router. When you’ve forgotten your password, the most essential thing you’ll have to do is, to begin with resetting your router. Otherwise, it is possible to just alter the password and connect using the new one. Recover Router Password is a very simple process.

Passwords which are too simple to remember can also cause problems when you’re using a password management system. You may use the netsh command in Command Prompt to reveal the password.

Resetting isn’t a challenging task because you’ll only be asked to hold the reset button which is generally a very small button located at the back or bottom of your router. You will locate the reset button that has to be pressed continuously for 15 seconds. The reset button on most routers is extremely little and can be difficult to find.

If you cannot access your router, it may be for a few explanations. Therefore, you’re in a position to learn about that router before buying the gadget. Here we are going to share the complete guide on How to Recover Router Password.

Router Default password

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: administrator


  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

If your Router is new then router default username and password are listed on Router itself. But if you have changed Router Username and password then this article on how to Reset Router Password will help you a lot.

Note that to Recover Router Password, you have to access it. But here you don’t know the Router Password. So the only way to access it using the Reset Key.

Every Router comes with a small reset key. Using this Reset Button, you can reset every setting of your Router.

Recover or Reset Router Password using Reset Button

Step 1: First remove all the connection between Router and PC. Also, remove ISP cable from Router.

Step 2: Now just connect the power source.

Step 3: Find the Reset Key on the Router and then keep pressing it for at least 20 seconds.

Once all the LED lights blicked, release the reset button and wait for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Now connect your ISP cable and then connect RJ45 cable to your computer. Once connected, open Browser and then type IP Address in the URL bar. Press Enter.

Step 5: Enter your Router Default username and password.

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