Speed Up Google Chrome in 2019 – Quick Guide

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most used Web Browser available for Windows, Mac and Android Operating Systems. The Chrome Browser comes with some awesome security tools and browsing features that can increase your browsing experience. Now sometimes you noticed that Google Chrome is working very slow. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Speed up Google Chrome.

Sometimes you install many extensions that are not required and that is why Google Chrome is working very slow. So you have to remove all the unwanted extensions and apps. If an unwanted software is detected, Chrome will provide you with an option to eliminate the software by making use of the Chrome Cleanup Tool. If you understand how to use Chrome, you likely understand that a few of its very best options are hidden. Chrome takes second place within this test.

Speed Up Google Chrome

To comprehend why Chrome uses so much memory, you have to understand somewhat about what makes Chrome different from different browsers. It’s possible to easily address this by just closing Chrome once in a little while. Naturally, just because Chrome is using lots of RAM doesn’t indicate that it’s necessarily causing an issue. It doesn’t matter which OS you are using, you will need to Speed Up Google Chrome.

One of the greatest things you can do in order to keep Chrome running smoothly is to keep this up to date. Not all of these are applicable for normal usage, but you are going to find several which are worth tweaking. Or perhaps you’re worried that in case you bookmark them, you will never bother to return to them.

1. Disable Unwanted Extensions

Extensions are tools designed for Chrome browser to increase the user performance. Now go to Settings > Extensions and check all the installed Extensions.

In URL bar, type “chrome://extensions” > disable or delete extensions.

2. Disable Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins just like extensions but they come with more functionality to the browser.

In URL bar, type “chrome://plugins” and disable plugins.

3. Remove Web Apps

Type “chrome://apps” and remove the apps which are not required.

4. Enable Prefetch Resources

Go to Chrome Options > Settings > Show advanced settings.

Now find and tick Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.


5. Scroll Prediction

Open Goole chrome and in the URL bar, type “chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction.

Click on Enable and restart chrome browser.

6. Update the browser

Go to Google Chrome Browser > help > About Chrome.

Check for Updates and install the latest version of Goole Chrome.

Even Google has shared tips on the best way to reduce Chrome memory usage. Even Google has shared tips on how best to lower its browser’s memory usage. Web browsers are way more complex than they appear. Importing bookmarks in Chrome appears to be an issue though. Chrome’s developer layout is a little bit of a mess and hard to have around if you’re not a pro.

Google Chrome has turned into the most popular option of browser among users and is preferred over the rest of the browsers. Therefore it is a browser that works best when it comes to providing speed. The user interface is easy, but engaging and the service is pretty quick. If you own a device with 512MB RAM, select 128MB and so forth.

This will surely speed Up Google Chrome browser. Comment your views.