How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070057

If you are using Windows and it is showing you errors like windows update error 0x80070057 and you have no idea how you can solve this problem then we have got a solution for you. Many Windows users have faced windows update error 80070057 and in this tutorial, we are going to show you can resolve it.

windows update error 0x80070057

The most annoying part of this problem is it pops-up everywhere when we are working or launching a program in Windows. We have written three simple methods, you just have to follow them and after that, this kind of error will never irritate you in the future.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070057

So these are the three methods which can help you resolve windows update error 0x80070057

  • Altering the Decimal Symbol Setting from Control Panel
  • Adding up of Registry Key Value
  • Windows Update error 0x80070057 Fix using Services.msc

Method 1: Altering the Decimal Symbol Setting from Control Panel

Sometimes this kind of problem occurs when the Decimal symbol setting is not set to “.” and due to this Windows start throwing update errors

  • Open up Control Panel and select View by Category and then click on Clocks, Language, and Region.

Windows Control panel

  • Now click on Region and Language.

Region and Language Windows

  • When you will click on Region and Language, it will open a small window where you can set date, region and time for your system, from there go to Formats tab and click on Additional Settings.

  • Now it will again open a new window you will find Decimal Symbol and there you have to enter “.” as shown in below image

Decimal Symbol Windows

  • Click on OK and Restart your System and see whether that problem is still popping up or not.

If the above method didn’t work for then we have written two methods which can help you out to solve this issue. The main reason behind providing three solutions is we don’t know which part of the software is having an issue and in so we are just making sure that the Windows configuration is properly done or nor to which can solve windows 7 update error 0x80070057.

Method 2: Adding up of Registry Key Value

Let me clarify something, before doing changes or messing with Registry Key Value can cause a big problem which is unrecoverable, so simply just follow these steps and please don’t try to alter the things which you are not aware of, if you do so then your Windows 7 will be in a big mess which will be really hard to recover.

  • Click on Start or press Windows button from your keyboard and type “regedit“.


  • Now follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\SystemCertificates


  • Once you in that directory, right click on anywhere on blank space and hover your cursor to New and from that select DWORD Value based on your OS 32Bit or 64Bit.

DWORD Value 

  • Now rename that file to CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo
  • Double click on that file which you renamed and change the value data to as shown in this image


  • Click on OK and Exit the registry

After doing the above steps, again restart your system and check whether those issues still exist or not.

Method 3: Windows Update error 0x80070057 Fix using Services.msc

This method is an alternate method to manually start the Windows Update if it is showing a 0x80070057 error.

So before starting windows update manually, first you have to change software distribution folder name in order to see the changes.

  • Press Windows + R button from your keyboard and type %systemroot% and it will open a window


  • Now right click on SoftwareDistribution Folder and Rename it to SoftwareDistribution.old  as shown in below image.


  • Once this part is done, now close all the windows and again Press Windows + R and type services.msc and press enter.

  • It will open a Window where you have to find Windows Update, once you find it, right click on that and click on properties and make that Windows updates are enabled as shown in the image below.

Windows update properties

  • After doing this step, again you have to restart the system so that the change will be done.

These were the three methods from which you can solve up windows update error 0x80070057. This kind of problems is really irritating and annoying. Let us know once you get rid of this problem in comments below and also if you any kind of doubts you can always comment down and we will try our best to help you out.